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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why fast?

I wonder how often people think about God. On any given day I think about eating multiple times. I think about the girl I like multiple times. I think about my guitar a few times. I think about video games a lot. I think about my zombie plan at least once a week. I think about my favorite shows quite often. I think about sports too often. I am not sure on a given day how much I think about God. I am not talking about praising Him….just thinking about Him in general. I have just started a 40 day fast in which I am giving up video games, secular media, and some foods. In the three days since I started this fast I have thought about God in some form or fashion almost continuously. That has led to more time in prayer and more time studying the Word. I almost want to continue this fast for as long as I can so that this never ends. I am already thinking about selling my x box in order to keep this going in my life. It makes me wonder what else I can cut out in order to have more of Him in my life. I have not missed the foods. I have not missed the games. I have missed sports but that is mainly because it is bowl season and I love me some college football. Even missing out on football is nothing compared to the amount of joy I have felt with just three short days of directing my attention to God. I find myself laughing while praying to Him. I have never done that before. Almost laughing because I can feel that what I am saying is humorous to Him. Every time I eat something because of the fast or pick up a book to read instead of turning on the tv or play Christian music I am reminded of why I am doing these things-To grow in my relationship with my Creator. It makes me wonder what I give up on a daily basis. Did I really give up anything when I became a Christian. The Bible says to take up your cross and follow Him. To die to yourself daily. Have I done this at all prior to this fast? I may have stopped cussing, drinking, lying. I may have lived “as Christians should”. For a while I had to think about those things and had to work to make them a habit but at some point that was no longer a daily battle. What have I died to lately? What cross have I bore for my Lord recently? What areas of my life can I better glorify God? These questions have been popping in my head as I spend more time with God. I am embarrassed to think of how little I think of the God of the Universe with all of His majesty around me and how much I think of the minuscule things of this world. Today I made the comment “My x box is being rejected” because it has been off for three days, but when was the last time I realized the same thing about my relationship with God. If nothing else this fast has made me appreciate the ability to spend time with my Maker. It is astonishing to me that He would ever love me when I have ignored him for so long. I am utterly amazed that He continues to pursue me when I continually brush Him off for such insignificant things. What a marvelous and wonderful God I serve. It is my prayer that the convictions I have right now only grow stronger and that my relationship with Him is forever transformed by these experiences.

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